Bright.Green at the 2023 London EV Show

An Electrifying First Expo

What a journey it’s been! As we wrap up three amazing days at the London EV Show, we at Bright.Green are filled with gratitude and inspiration. Our participation in this prestigious event marked a significant milestone in our mission to transform the world of EV charging.

A Warm Reception for Our Innovations
Our booth turned into a vibrant space, bustling with visitors eager to engage with our Tap & Go Kiosks, and to delve into our AI-driven solutions. It was incredibly rewarding to see firsthand the excitement and interest our products generated. Demonstrating our technology to an audience so receptive and enthusiastic has reinforced our belief in the path we have chosen.

Connections That Count
The highlight of the show for us was undoubtedly the connections we made. From thought-provoking discussions with industry experts to the encouraging words from potential partners and the curious inquiries from consumers – every interaction has been a building block for our future. The feedback and perspectives we gathered are invaluable and will undoubtedly shape our strategies and innovations moving forward.

Our Vision, Embraced
This event was more than a showcase; it was a platform to share our vision for a sustainable and efficient EV charging future. The positive response to our commitment to user experience and ecological responsibility was heartening. It feels like our efforts to blend technology with sustainability are not just appreciated but shared and championed by a community that is as passionate about change as we are.

The Road Ahead
With the London EV Show behind us, we’re more energized than ever. We’re looking forward to nurturing the relationships we’ve formed and to continuing our work in redefining EV charging solutions. The journey towards a greener, more connected world is an exciting one, and we’re thrilled to have you join us on this path.

Thank You
To everyone who visited, engaged, and supported us – thank you. You’ve played a part in shaping Bright.Green’s story, and we can’t wait to see what chapters lie ahead.

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– The Bright.Green Team

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